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Tibetan Singing Bowl
Tibetan Bowls
Historians believe that metal working artisans perfected the Techniques for making Tibetan Singing Bowls over 2,000 years ago. Although there is not a lot of written history to trace the origin of these wonderful objects of art, fortunately there is a lot of oral history to tell us that the bowls came to Tibet from India, along with the teachings of Lord Buddha, at about the same time that Buddhism was introduced to Tibet by the great Buddhist Master, Padmasambhava. It is therefore generally acknowledged today that the origins of the history and the whole Tradition of Tibetan Singing Bowls date back to the 8th Century A.D.

In Buddhist practice, singing bowls are used as a support for Meditation, and tools for healing and transformation, healthcare, relaxation and well-being. The resonance and vibrations of singing bowls have that special gift and ability to reach the inside of our bodies and positively impact the different chakras. Indeed, singing bowls produce sounds asso- ciated with each of the seven chakras, which invoke a deep state of relaxation and help bring about unforeseen inner transformation. If we are ready to receive those vibrations, and better still to surrender to them, we can begin to experience the full impact of a healing treatment, placing us in a fully relaxed or meditative state with feelings of joy, satisfaction and inner peace.