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Bowls of Tibet
Singingbowlexports.com is powered by WholesaleNepal, a leading supplier of bowls based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Created by a westerner by the name of Theo, after he retired from NY and Paris banking in 1998, WholesaleNepal/WSN Group has developed into the largest ecommerce network in Nepal. The group specializes in supplying the highest quality singing bowls from the Himalayas, as well as a wide range of handicrafts and Nepal art.

Theo and his group work tirelessly with the Bowlmasters, bowl experts and musicians to ensure that clients receive the finest quality Bowls available on the market. Our clientele includes other wholesalers, Professionals, Monasteries, lamas, collectors, healers and individuals, from around the world
Social responsibility
Theo and the WSN Group he heads put into practice the concept that the best way to “give assistance to the people of Nepal is to help the people to help themselves” By promoting nepali Handicrafts in the United States and other countries, we provide work and stimulate economic activity for the people of this country.

In addition, our organization sponsors a number of needy children (often of single mothers) with the bulk of the money being allocated to those children’s education. We also arrange for children to be sponsored by third parties. Our most important single sponsor is based in Michigan USA. We also have sponsors in Europe, Notably in Sweden, one of whom is a WholesaleNepal client.