WholesaleNepal offers large bowls direct from the source
Large Tibetan Singing Bowls

If you are interested in larger or “specialist” bowls (typically 12 inches and above) we can also provide. If you have interest to purchase these large bowls, be sure to clearly state your requirements on our "REQUEST FOR INFORMATION FORM".

These large specialty bowls, often presenting special characteristics, inscriptions, etc. are increasingly rare. Unlike their smaller counterparts, those bowls - used by Lamas, collectors, healers, etc. - are always sold individually (by the piece) and not by the kilo.

In dwindling supply, several weeks may be required to locate these rare and exceptional pieces. Their unit price depends on age, quality of sound and other factors.

Once we have located the items you require, we will provide you with photos of these rare bowls, with full details, for your consideration.